Echelon Nano-fil

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Hard Glass coating with Flexible Nanolink Network Structure

Product Features

  • Forms an effective “water-sliding” coating with great antifouling and protective power.
  • Protects the paint flexibility with its unique “nanolink network structure”.
  • Fast and easy application due to a 1-component agent.

Inside the kit:

-Main liquid 20ml (for 1 car)
-Micro grid cloth×1
-Green & Black sponge ×1

In stock


NANO-FIL has a flexible nanolink network structure, which was newly developed from an entirely different perspective from the key feature of existing glass coatings, which was the high degree of hardness. Each particle has arms and is strongly bonded to each other like a straight-chain in the nanolink network structure, and as a result, NANO-FIL succeeded in offering both hardness and flexibility to the glass coat.
NANO-FIL’s nanolink network structure works as a shock-absorbing effect before damage starts to occur from external factors, such as fine scratches and smudges on the painted surface.


Beautiful Water Repellency and Brilliant Run-Off Finish

With its nanolink network structure, NANO-FIL forms a thick layer with distinctive deep gloss. The layer has beautiful water repellency and shows a brilliant run-off effect with a low friction coefficient, which protects the painted surface from water stains and deposits by a synergistic effect with a flexible coat, and it results in keeping the beautiful condition for a long time. Nano-fil is
Remarkable Protection from External Factors

NANO-FIL minimizes the impact of environmental factors, such as bird droppings, yellow sand, tree sap and acid rain on the painted surface (still, take a look at the myths of the ceramic car coating). NANO-FIL, which is hardly affected by UV rays, keeps its protective layer from yellow discoloration and deterioration, which results in long-lasting crystal clear gloss layer (also as nano glass coating  that protects your car for 3-5 years. (See Figure 2)
The results of our over 3 year-test on actual vehicles and an accelerated exposure test using “Sunshine Weather Meter” by an independent organization proved the high performance of NANO-FIL.

Wrap up. Here are listed 10 reasons to protect your car with high quality liquid glass or ceramic coating.
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