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Just One Product Applicable to Various Auto Parts Like Interior Leather and Alminum Wheels

Zen-Xero Vario 100ml


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Performance of Zen-Xero Vario

Aluminum wheels give a huge impact on the whole appearance of a vehicle, and they are exposed to a harsh environment more than the auto body, for instance, brake dust and greasy dirt can easily get on them. Besides, high temperatures produced by braking makes dirt stick to them even more. Zen-Xero Vario is a glass coating agent for aluminum wheels designed to work under such a harsh environment. It is a hybrid type using polysilazane and provides both thickness of coat and durability which are necessary to protect wheels.

Zen-Xero Vario for Wheels

Zen-Xero Vario is applied only on half of the weel. When you compare the conditions of both areas after a month without washing, you can notice that the applied area has less dirt.

Reduced Curing Time = Reduces Waiting Time of Getting the Car Back to Customer

Nowadays wheel coating services are getting popular, and there are various products in the market. However, one of the biggest problems of wheel coatings is the curing time after application. Easy-to-use products which do not need so much time cannot give enough performance, and products which show a definite effect takes time for curing and car owners have to wait for a long time for the delivery of the cars. Zen-Xero Vario focuses on this problem and is formulated to reduce the curing time after the application. The surface of the coat dries quickly and keeps dirt away from the coat even when driving the car soon after the application. Therefore, efficient application and smooth delivery of the vehicle are possible with Zen-Xero Vario.

One of the most sensitive materials used for car interior is leather such as leather seats. There are a lot of different materials and surface processing for both artificial and genuine leather, but the common weak points of leather are that it can get dirty easily and the difficulty of care. Traditionally, main processes of leather care have been cleaning and applying treatment chemicals afterward to moisturize the leather. However, in terms of protection from dirt, not much effect is expected. Although it would seem great if a strong protective coat like glass coat on auto body was formed on leather, such a strong coat would not match the leather materials. Zen-Xero Vario is a revolutionary coating agent to protect leather surfaces with glass coat without ruining the texture of leather materials.

Zen-Xero Vario for Leather

The product is applied partially on the leather seat. After 6 months, you can easily notice the difference.

Non-Crystalline Glass Coat Which Does Not Ruin the Texture of Leather

An existing glass coating for the painted surfaces forms a strong glass coat and excels in protective performance. However, if it becomes fully-crystallized on the leather surfaces, it is not able to deal with the flexibility of the leather, and that will cause cracks and peeling. Zen-Xero Vario is a non-crystalline type of coat with special structure and deals with the flexibility of leather without disturbing its porous features. In addition, it protects the sensitive surfaces of leather from dirt with its great protective force of glass.


Now polycarbonate resin, rather than glass, is used for a material of headlights, and a various shapes of headlights exist. Headlights are important parts to determine the design of a vehicle. Deterioration and white turbidity of the hard coat layer of the surface of headlights are considered as a weak point of polycarbonate. It is common to polish and remove the hard coat with a water-resistant paper, buff the surface with compound to recover the transparency, and then apply a coating or paint on the surface to fix this problem. However, a product specially designed for headlights is needed to give the maximum effect to the material and conditions which are different from the painted surfaces. Zen-Xero Vario is formulated specially for headlights, and it prevents the deterioration of the coat itself and protects polycarbonate.

Zen-Xero Vario for Headlights


Weather Resistance Property Against Ultraviolet Rays

The hard coat originally on headlights uses the special kinds of paints which consider the effect of ultraviolet rays. Even so, it is impossible to avoid the effect completely, and it eventually gets deteriorated. When headlights are polished, ordinary auto body coatings do not have much resistance against ultraviolet rays, and polycarbonate gets deteriorated soon. However, this product forms a glass coat with strong siloxane bond which does not receive the excessive effect of ultraviolet rays and protects the polycarbonate surfaces for a long time.

White turbidity and deterioration of aluminum moldings of window trim, which imported cars like European cars often have, are a big concern to car detailers since they are difficult to restore to the original state. In addition, even when the gloss is restored by using abrasive compound specially made for metal moldings such as METAL AID, it will get deteriorated soon again. Zen-Xero Vario is a glass coating agent for aluminum and stainless, such as window trim, grilles, roof rails and so on.

Zen-Xero Vario For Metal Trims


Amazing Thickness of Coat Which Gives Protective Performance

Existing glass coatings for the painted surfaces are generally wiped off once they are applied on the surfaces. Therefore, there is a limit of the thickness of the coat which stays on it. Besides, if the coat is too thick, it will become not flexible enough to correspond to the surfaces and will cause cracks. Since this product is exclusively for aluminum or stainless moldings and is developed in a unique formula, it can easily form a flexible and thick glass coat. It gives a great leveling performance, and the application method is also very easy, which is only spreading it by hand and a wiping step is not even required. Of course, you can wipe it off as well just like a normal application way to improve work efficiency.

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