Zen-Xero Smart

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Echelon Zen-Xero Smart

Great Durability and Ease of Application Achieved with the New Technology

  • Dynamic water-repellent layer: water-repellent effect.
  • Complete fusion of glass and fluorine that makes water-repellency last.
  • Deep gloss and shine, perfect for dark-colored cars.
  • Excellent coating performance with an anti-acid property.
  • Uniform and high-quality application by only one-time application of a 2-component mixture.

Inside the kit:

-Liquid I (30 ml)
-Liquid II (0.5ml)
-Accelerator (30ml)
-Applicator sponge x 1

In stock


What’s Zen-Xero Technology?

While the performance of the coatings themselves has been evolving through advances in technology, there has still been room for improvement regarding the method with which the coating is fixed onto painted surfaces to bring out the coating’s highest performance. Zen-Xero Technology was developed to enhance the bond between the painted surface and the coating. The Accelerator, which is a core element of the technology, dramatically increases the fixing power and brings out the coating’s maximum performance.

Zen-Xero accelerator


Great Resistant Properties of Zen-Xero Smart

Zen-Xero Smart has great resistant properties to various chemicals in addition to the acid-resistant property. Insusceptible to the negative environmental effects it

provides a long-term protection of the painted surface from the most severe ones, such as ultraviolet rays. You can find 10 reasons to protect your car with ceramic coating or liquid glass coating.


The Secret of the Durability of Zen-Xero Smart’s Water-repellency Effect

In traditional coating products, the base components for the water-repellency effect (fluorine, methyl, etc) stay as a deposit only on the surface of the coat. For

this matter, water-repellency effect tends to weaken significantly over time. Zen-Xero Smart has achieved the complete fusion of glass component and fluorine.

Due to the evenly blended fluorine in the glass coat, the base of water-repellency effect stays in the coat, which makes water-repellency last for a long time even

as the thickness of the coat decreases.


Glass layer image of traditional water-repellent products.

water-reppelency usual



The base of the water-repellency effect is only formed on the surface of the coat. The water-repellency effect weakens as the surface coat wears out. Also check the myths of ceramic car coating. 





Glass layer image of Zen-Xero Smart.



The base of the water-repellency effect is evenly incorporated in the glass coat, ensuring that water-repellency lasts even as the coating surface wears out.







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