To make sure that clients are satisfied with our ceramic car coating or liquid glass coating products, we must take care not to create false expectations. Below you can read some so-called myths that I’ve heard from car owners.

1. A ceramic-coated car is scratch- and bullet-proof.

Many have asked that no scratch will come to the car with ceramics at all. In fact, this is not the case.

Actually, I understand very well that videos below can make people think so but these videos are made just for drawing attention to our products.

This video is made just to visualize to my customers how hard is fully hardened and cured liquid glass. Of course, I will explain them that there is really a thin layer on the car and there is no point in hitting the car with the hammer :).

Don’t forget to turn on volume 😉 .

Video 2. I scratched the hood of the car with reinforced hardened fleece. I think you can clearly see the difference of  scratch resistancy  of clear coat and liquid glass. Obviously we all understand that the layer of the liquid glass is in actual case of treatment much thinner. This video answers the question if coating is harder than clear.

2. In the future, I will wash the car only with pressure washer. No need for soak substances. The dirt flies off the car. After all, this is a nano substance!

This differs somewhat from the reality. Despite all the cool advertising videos on the Internet, the car needs some “real washing”, especially during the period of using studded tires. There is a lot of loose tar on the roads, and even if your car has winter tires without studs, it will not save you. Nothing to do.

3. Tar doesn’t stick to the car.

Some clients have said that after covering the car with ceramic coating, less tar seems to stick to the car. However, as someone who has daily contact with car washing, I don’t consider the argument a strong one. It is possible that a little less tar sticks to the car, but I’ve never seen it as a sales argument.

4. The car is always as hydrophobic as is shown in advertising videos. Let’s throw muddy water on the car and it will remain clean.

A similar trick is also done in wax advertising videos to draw your attention. The important fact is that the car in the video is totally clean and has just been waxed or coated. It cannot be compared to driving on the road in the rain. The car cannot be as clean. Let’s be realistic!

5. Protects 100% from the corrosive effects of dead insects and bird droppings.

As mentioned above, ceramic coating adds some safety to the paint, like a seatbelt to a passenger. Neither is absolute protection. Even with the seatbelt on one can get hurt or die (especially when ignoring other requirements like maximum speed allowed). Although the picture I took allows us to fantasize that ceramic coating is truly powerful, care requirements must be followed to avoid damage to the car. Dead insects and bird droppings must be removed within a 2-3 weeks (in case of protected with Zen-Xero Dynamic).

In the pictures below you can see a morning surprise. I had washed the car the day before and, in the morning (at about 10), there were bird droppings on the car. It was positive that thanks to the ceramic coating it didn’t stick to the car at all, this time. The wind carried it away when I started driving.

ceramic car coating liquid glass coating protects

6. Peels off like snakeskin.

I must admit that I’ve been asked this tens of times – will the car look splotchy when the coating starts to wear off? Ceramic coating wears off similarly to wax. It breaks down chemically and wears off physically. At some point it will be gone. It is not possible to pinpoint the exact moment.

7. Hydrophobicity = Protection.

It is definitely not so. I believe I can add a new video next week to illustrate this. But how to determine whether paint still has a protective layer? There isn’t an easy option. You should view as oil change. If it is said that oil must be changed every 15,000 km, there is no point in checking the oil in the engine. The oil should be changed. We should approach ceramic coating the same way. When 2 years are up, let’s apply a new coating.

8. Ceramic coating is “unbreakable”.

It is especially important to take good care of paint finish in winter. When your snowbrush becomes like in the picture below, your car will not be saved by a ceramic coating nor nano substance.

9. H9 is only a little softer than a diamond.

H9 is one level lower than a diamond on the Mohs scale. And after seeing that steel is H4- 4.5 on the scale, one’s car should become bullet-proof. However, we should not allow ourselves to be misled by details drawn out of context. In fact, ceramic coating is H9 on Pencil scale.

10. Some nano substance.

Nano drives people crazy. If nano is a substance, it must be hard as stone and last forever. There are nano fast waxes, nano permanent waxes, etc. Nano means that there is better contact between the finishing substance and surface needing protection. Many waxes dry faster and ceramic coatings develop further, so that all don’t need the help of an infrared lamp to harden.

I’ve established a comparison with advertising slogans: ”… and helps to lose weight”. Without understanding how something works, a positive expectation is created in our subconscious – H9 and nano substance.


It seems that I’ve exhausted the topic of ceramic coatings to some extent. I listed many arguments for and also myths. Perhaps a car owner will develop a sense for whether their car needs such protection or not.

Some might feel that as a ceramic coating is not absolute protection, there is not point to have it. Some believe in wax or don’t want to spend such a sum of money at once. In this case, it is reasonable to wax the car with permanent wax. This is definitely better than paint without care and protection at all.