Echelon Clareed

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・ Water-repellent coating for glass surfaces.
・ Great durability and water-repellent effect achieved by adopting the Zen-Xero Technology.
・ Provides water dispersion even at a low driving speed (more than 40km/h).
・ Cleared a test of a million of wiper cycles.
・ Amazing water-repellency and water dispersion achieved by glass surface smoothing.
・ Performs a good balance of water-repellency and durability with a 2-component pure fluoride coat.
・ The cryoprotective effect ensures frost prevention.

Inside the kit:

-Liquid A 50ml x1
-Liquid B 50ml x1
-Glass Resurfacing Polish 100ml ×1
-Accelerator 17ml ×3
-Dropper ×2
-Blending bottle ×1
-Black/white applicator sponge ×1
-Yellow/black polishing sponge ×1
-Micro suede cloth x 1
-Dropper bottle for accelerator x 1

In stock


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