Zen-Xero Duraveil

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DURAVEIL 30ml bottle

Echelon Duraveil

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While there are various kinds of coating products for auto body developed nowadays, we focus on the paint protection film (PPF) which is becoming more and more preferable by the world market.
After applying PPF, it is much easier for water stains to exist on the surface of PPF. Thus it is necessary to use wax/sealants/cleaners to remove the water stains every 2~3 months.
Otherwise, the water stains will lead to black stains and deterioration of PPF as a result.
DURAVEIL is different from the existing glass coatings for PPF, it creates a secure protective glass shield over the film without affecting the softness of the PPF. It provides a longer period of protection which means frequent maintenance is no longer required. Just simply washing the car with car shampoo is OK.

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