ECHELON Zen-Xero Dynamic

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Echelon Zen-Xero Dynamic

Dinaminis vandens atstūmimas – atstumia vandenį dar geriau ir mažina dėmes.

  • Dinaminis vandenį atstumiantis efektas.
  • Puikus rezultato kokybės ir trijų komponentų mišinio vienkartinio naudojimo paprastumo balansas.
  • Visiškas stikliškos dangos ir fluoro susiliejimas, užtikrinantis ilgalaikį vandens atstūmimą.
  • Gilus žvilgesys ir spindesys, puikiai tinkantys tamsios spalvos automobiliams.
  • Puiki dangos kokybė su atsparumo rūgštims savybėmis.

Komplekto sudėtyje:

Skystis I (30 ml)
– Skystis II (3 ml)
– Skystis III (0,5 ml)
– Spartintuvas (30 ml) komplekto sudėtyje
– Aplikatorius-kempinė, 1 vnt.



What’s Zen-Xero Technology?

While the performance of the coatings themselves has been evolving through advances in technology, there has still been room for improvement regarding the method with which the coating is fixed onto painted surfaces to bring out the coating’s highest performance. Zen-Xero Technology was developed to enhance the bond between the painted surface and the coating. The Accelerator, which is a core element of the technology, dramatically increases the fixing power and brings out the coating’s maximum performance.

Zen-Xero accelerator



Complete Fusion of Glass Component and Fluorine

Fluorine is evenly aligned between silica bonds, and that gives the coat excellent water-repellency and smoothness.

zen-xero complete fusion of glass component and fluorine


Dynamic Water-repellency with Functionality

Zen-Xero Dynamic’s dynamic water-repellency was achieved by finding a perfect balance of many different elements: appropriate raw materials, the perfect blending ratio, smoothness of the coat’s surface, the ideal water-contact angle, and many others. It is not enough to simply bind fluorine components to the surface of the coat.  The base component of Zen-Xero Dynamic is silicone, and its special metallic binders link with an even distribution of fluorine throughout the coat. In addition, the water-contact angle is adjusted by changing the blending ratio of fluorine and creating an amazing smoothness on the glass coat, which brings out an excellent and effective water run-off performance.

Statinis vandens atstūmimas
Dinaminis vandens atstūmimas
Static water repellency Dynamic water-repellency

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